Observation Deck Q2 2021

Asset Management Research

In our newest edition of our quarterly publication Observation Deck the Asset Management team takes a look at some of the current market trends.

Keystones: Bulletproof but change is afoot

Equitites: Can Europe catch up?

Fixed Income: Inflation kills bond returns - what next?

Trends: The [green] revolution is here

We hope you enjoy the read:


April 29, 2021


The Swiss Pension System - Vested Benefits

(activate subtitles DE/EN by clicking/tapping CC)

May 07, 2021


Conservation of Art - an Artform itself

The Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne is known worldwide for its comprehensive collection of Klee's works, but also for its expertise in the restoration and conservation of artworks

May 06, 2021


VR and AR - which sectors will no longer be able to live without them?

While some still see augmented and virtual reality as technologies reserved for hardcore gamers, many have recognized its considerable potential across a wide range of industries.

April 22, 2021

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