Fund Representation & Paying Agent Services

“We provide to fund managers who care about being compliant with Swiss fund distribution rules an “all-in-one” solution to access Swiss-based qualified investors, including HNWIs.”

Antoine ROYER

Head of Fund Representation and Paying Agent Services

What We Do

As one of the largest wealth management centres in the world Switzerland is a highly attractive market for fund managers. Yet, access to Swiss investors requires to know and to respect local regulations. Fund managers who care about being fully compliant with Swiss rules must deal with complex regulations and a continuously evolving regulatory environment.

Thanks to its knowledge of the Swiss financial market and its dedicated team of experts on fund distribution in Switzerland Banque Heritage offers fund managers targeting qualified investors to be their local partner and point of contact for regulatory matters related to fund distribution.

To market a fund to all categories of qualified Investors in Switzerland (including “High Net Worth Individuals” who “opted-out”), a fund manager, its fund(s), and fund promoter(s) must respect the obligations defined in the Swiss Collective Investment Scheme Act (“CISA”) and the Swiss Financial Services Act (“FinSA”) and appoint a Fund Representative and a Paying Agent.

Our team of experts on fund distribution regulations is available to present our extensive offer of services and solutions in this field:

Banque Heritage is authorized to act as Representative of foreign funds aimed at qualified investors in Switzerland.

Banque Heritage has a long experience as Swiss Paying Agent and started offering this service in 2014. Banque Heritage currently acts as Paying Agent for numerous funds with various strategies and domiciled in different jurisdictions.

The service can be offered jointly or separately from our other services.

Banque Heritage dedicated team of experts on Swiss fund distribution regulations offers advisory services to fund managers who look for support to comply with fund promotion rules in Switzerland.

Banque Heritage offers an advantageous solution which combines its services in the form of an "all-in-one" solution including fund representation, paying agent, and advisory service on fund distribution.

Depending on your needs our services can also be offered separately.

Our team is available to understand your needs and offer you a suitable solution.

Banque Heritage offers Paying Agent Services to Listed Companies, SME's and Independent Asset Managers, covering their service needs regarding the handling of corporate shares, employee stock option plans, corporate bonds and actively managed certificates.

Why Chose Banque Heritage

Other Services

Manager On-Boarding

We have been running and managing a state-of-the-art Luxembourg UCITS IV SICAV since the mid-1990s, for both Banque Heritage's internal funds and external managers.

With the high costs associated with setting up such vehicles from scratch, many managers with proven track records under different jurisdictions are looking for a simple, plug-and-play solution to further develop their asset management and distribution efforts.

Should your strategy and firm qualify in our due diligence process, we can swiftly create additional compartments to our SICAV and allow you to focus on your main strength : portfolio management.

As part of our asset services, we also provide :

Global custody

Transactional services


Credit facilities

Lombard loans

Family office services

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