Wealth Management

“The families’ entrepreneurial spirit and generations of expertise provide sustainable performance to private and institutional clients alike.”

Michael Welti

Head of Private Banking


The Private Banking facilities at Banque Heritage reflect our ambition for carefully managed growth. We are divided into several departments, each concentrating on specific geographical locations or special interest groups. We understand the importance of maintaining outstanding relationships with our clients by displaying understanding, adaptability and integrity at all times. By remaining independent and objective in everything we do, the interests of our clients always come first.

We focus on each client individually, considering their financial objectives, future aspirations and their desired legacy. We approach each relationship thoughtfully and for the long-term – offering strategic guidance to the ongoing wealth management process, while capturing the tactical opportunities that arise. Banque Heritage provides private and institutional clients with trusted advice and a comprehensive range of tailored wealth management solutions.

Our wealth management process is truly holistic. With an emphasis on capital preservation and a keen understanding of the complexity and dynamics of wealth management, Banque Heritage leverages the research, portfolio management and trading expertise of our Asset Management division – ensuring the best solutions are put forward for each client.

We engage a broad array of well-regarded external specialists – all of whom contribute to building a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and growth. Our services go well beyond traditional wealth management to include: wealth structuring, asset protection, philanthropy and services related to the founding of family offices.


We aim to establish long and rewarding relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.


We begin the process by understanding your needs - so that we can develop a picture of your strategic wealth management goals, as well as the likely impact of changing circumstances, whether anticipated or not.


We examine short and long-term income and spending requirements - in order to match your objectives in terms of security, performance, liquidity and reference currency.


We take into consideration the applicable tax, legal and confidentiality issues - so as to further optimize your wealth management outlook.

Our comprehensive, open architecture platform comprises a range of wealth solutions, estate and succession planning and bespoke corporate services. Managing wealth involves careful consideration of a broad range of issues, which we help you navigate to develop a customized wealth management solution.

Capital preservation is at the core of both our investment approach and overall wealth management process.

We invest our money alongside that of our clients, to demonstrate the confidence that we have in our investments, and to fully align our interests with our clients who entrust us with the management of their wealth.


Our private bankers work closely with our investment specialists to create a portfolio that is tailored to each client’s requirements.

In that way, we are taking advantage of the expertise of the specialists who manage asset allocation at Banque Heritage. With dedicated coverage, our private bankers connect you to a wealth of expertise. Our independence as a privately-owned bank allows us to guide you and provide access to a wide range of specialists – both internally and externally to the bank – to achieve your wealth management goals.

You drive the terms of the relationship at all times.

The level of your involvement is entirely up to you, and we will gladly give you access to the relevant asset managers, who will provide a detailed explanation of the rationale behind our recommendations based on past performance and anticipated future returns.

The style of management that you choose will be adopted and respected by us.

We provide the level of reporting and access to our staff that you require, sending you a report on our activities on a regular basis, or simply when you ask for it.

Under a custody account, you entrust your assets to the bank and retain full control over how they are managed. Such mandates mean that you will be relying on Banque Heritage's time tested stability and strong balance sheet.

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