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Donations, Scholarships and Support in 2022

Banque Heritage has a long history of supporting children's education and children in need. At the end of the year we would like to share with you some of our contributions throughout 2022.

Banque Heritage is committed to making a positive impact on the world we live in. Today, more than ever, the globalized nature of this earth shows how firmly everything is connected – how directly WE are all connected.

As children are amongst the most vulnerable in any society, regardless of culture, religion or political persuasion, our philanthropic aspirations from the heart are readily applied to countering the consequences of injustice, improving opportunities, and providing a life of security with a future.

This year we contributed to the following projects with our donations:

Save the Children – Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF)


The escalation of the situation in Ukraine in February put about 7.5 million children in acute danger of serious physical and psychological harm all at once. Save the Children was able to respond immediately and provide life-saving emergency aid to children and their families affected by the war thanks to the Children's Emergency Fund, which Banque Heritage is contributing to with donations. The organization supports children in need, for example by distributing essential goods such as food, medicine, hygiene products and warm clothing. At borders with neighboring countries, Save the Children operates child-friendly spaces that offer arriving children a safe place to learn and play in a welcoming environment.

This was the case for 10-year-old Mykhalio from Kiev. He fled with his family to Chernivtsi, where he is cared for in a child-friendly space run by Save the Children. There, he benefits from a digital learning program, among other things, so that he can continue his schooling despite the situation.

Mykhalio (10) in a child-friendly space run by Save the Children.


Although Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, the African state hardly appears in any media report. In an almost forgotten tragedy, some 122,500 people have already lost their homes due to devastating, recurring natural disasters. A large part of them are children, who are hardly protected and have to live in the worst conditions. Thanks to the Children's Emergency Fund supported by Banque Heritage, Save the Children is able to help families in Burundi during this difficult time. 

This is the case of Diana (13), who, together with her two sisters and her mother, had to flee to a refugee camp in western Burundi after a flood destroyed the family farm. There they are supported by Save the Children with hygiene products, school materials and other essential goods.

Save the Children staff member interacting with Diana's mother and little sister (4) in a refugee camp in western Burundi.

Knysna Montessori School (KMS) in South Africa

The Knysna Montessori school is an independent combined school in Knysna on the Garden Route in South Africa.

They offer an inclusive and holistic education to children from the age of 2 (Pre-Primary) all the way to 18 (High School matric graduation).

The objective is to observe, guide, and encourage each child towards independent learning, through balancing freedom of choice with responsibility, within a prepared environment. The result is empowered individuals that have learned to realize their full potential through the use of multiple lifelong skills. Students graduate with the IEB, the Independent Examinations Board, a highly regarded worldwide programme, which promotes problem solving, critical thinking and information evaluation skills.

We have funded two annual scholarships over many years. By the end of this year, Tanja and Tylor are graduating Grade 12 with their final examinations – we look forward to their results!

Tania is a diligent student and has worked hard to reap the rewards of her perseverance. She is commended on her work ethic. Her subjects are Mathematics, Physical Science, Design, English, Afrikaans, Computer Application Technology and Life Orientation.

Thanks to this sponsorship Tania has been afforded a haven to thrive in during her high school years. She has been able to grow socially and emotionally at Knysna Montessori school and as a result focus with discipline on her schoolwork. This opportunity in “preparation for life” is truly a gift to this precious young lady.

From Tania:- “I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful. Being at Montessori taught me a lot of different life lessons. Thank you so much. May God bless you and your family. Tania. Grade 12”

Tylor is an intelligent young man and has put effort into preparation for his final examinations. His subjects are Mathematics, Physical Science, Visual Arts, English, Afrikaans, Geography and Life Orientation.

It is due to this sponsorship that Tylor has had the opportunity to improve his Maths, Science and English in particular, over the past years. Tylor has represented Knysna Montessori to form part of the Western Cape Swimming Squad competing against the other Provinces in South Africa in Pretoria. Tylor has big dreams, and Montessori is an enabling environment in which Tylor has found the support and motivation to perform at his best to achieve these dreams.

From Tylor:- “I would like to thank you one last time for being so kind enough to bless me with the opportunity to attend Montessori. I pray that God blessed you for all your kindness over the years. Thank you again! Yours sincerely Tylor. Grade 12”

Zenzele Aftercare Centre in Blanco (George), South Africa

Blanco is a suburb of George, a town on the Garden Route in South Africa. It is home to mainly working class residents who struggle with a range of issues including extreme poverty, unemployment and other social problems. To protect the children of this community from neglect, violence, substance abuse and the economic and social disadvantages they face in their daily lives, Zenzele's aftercare programme provides a safe haven that includes a meal, supervision and support with homework and school projects.

The team also provides emotional support for those struggling to cope with their personal histories and living conditions.

Zenzele is a Zulu word meaning "the quality of self-reliance". In this sense the long-term goal is to keep children in school, foster a culture of learning, broaden their horizons and prevent them from falling into the cycle of crime, drug and alcohol abuse and early teenage pregnancy. To achieve these goals, collaboration with the children's parents and the community is essential.

The necessity of the very dedicated team’s daily work is particularly evident in the fact that they have always operated at maximum capacity since the opening of the day care centre and currently look after about 70 children between the ages of 5 and 18.

Banque Heritage is currently working to build a donation-based support model to help the trust behind the organisation maintain the level of funding needed to continue the work that is so important to the community in which it is based.

November 29, 2022

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