Finews article "Trust as key to success"

How Banque Heritage relies on trust as key to success (translated from German)

Swiss Banque Heritage safeguards family values across generations and operates flexibly and adaptably in a world of change, as partner Johannes Barth notes.

As a member of my family's ninth generation in the hop trade and as a shareholder of Banque Heritage, I am proud to share the inspiring story of our Swiss private bank.

Our institution is built on trust and continuously adapts to the changing financial landscape. Since the 1980s, we have served two families deeply rooted in the commodities business, and even outside these families, we value long-term client relationships as well as financial success.

Trust building at the center

Banque Heritage masters the transfer of wealth from generation to generation through its tireless efforts in building trust between family members and client advisors. The trust earned is characterized by longevity - a feature that has enabled the two entrepreneurial families to always face the challenges of the times with confidence.

After all, our ancestors laid the foundations more than 225 years ago when they entered the commodity trading business. Subsequent generations passed on values such as integrity, transparency and financial commitment. Today, we are carrying on this legacy.

Adaptability in a changing world

We have successfully adapted Banque Heritage to the changing financial landscape while always maintaining our core values. Our expert wealth management advice is based on innovation, strategic decision-making and personalized service.

It meets today's client needs, from traditional portfolio management and investment advice to succession planning, private equity and family office services, as well as fund and asset servicing.

Individual solutions for long-term client relationships

The trust placed in our private bank is based on the personal relationships we have built up with our clients over decades. Through a deep understanding of individual needs and the definition of clear goals, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions together with our clients.

The long-term nature of these relationships is testimony to the trust that has grown on both sides - across generations.

Proven values in a digital era

In a world where technology is rapidly transforming the financial sector, Banque Heritage remains true to its commitment to provide clients with the highest levels of security and confidentiality. Our commitment to these principles and the trust we have built over generations are what set our bank apart.

That's why we rely on expertise at every level, practice flat hierarchies, and work closely both within the company and with external partners to always implement the best solution for a client need.

Technical innovations and tools are used exactly where they can develop their full potential.

Forward-looking with humility and responsibility

We look to the future with humility and confidence that we can continue our families' legacy and master complex financial issues while remaining true to our founding principles. Trust and integrity continue to shape the history of our private bank.

Banque Heritage symbolizes stability and trust in an ever-changing financial industry. We know how important it is to preserve wealth for future generations and therefore always go by the credo of treating our clients' assets as if they were our own.

Committed to financial well-being

In summary, we stand for trust, integrity and commitment to the financial well-being of our clients. We remain committed to our core values and to providing exceptional, personalized service.

Our bank's history is a testament to the generations that came before us, and we are honored to continue this legacy for generations to come.

Johannes Barth is a partner and member of the Board of Directors of Banque Heritage, headquartered in Geneva, with branches in Basel, Sion and Zurich. He represents the ninth generation of the Barth family of entrepreneurs, which has been active in the hop trade in Nuremberg and internationally since the 18th century. He is also president of the FDP.Die Liberalen party of Basel-Stadt.

(the original article in German can be found here)

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