The Land of Inner Beauty

About Beauty, Inner Strength and the Innovative Power of Switzerland

According to the Federal Department of Statistics Swiss citizens undertook an average of 3.2 overnight stay journeys in 2018. Of those, 67% lead to other countries, as Swiss people love to travel and discover the world. They show great interest in other cultures and customs. But they also love their home, going on an average of 10 day trips within Switzerland each year.

This Swiss tradition of travel and the discovery of the world outside as well as inside and an openness and interest for new developments and culture has led Switzerland to becoming an important international hub of innovation. So it is no surprise, that the country of inventors and explorers lists three cities - Basel, Zurich and Lausanne - amongst the 20 leading cities for start-up companies worldwide. Switzerland and their citizens present themselves to be complex, yet traditional, with a love for nature - coupled with an inherent wish to continually improve and progress fairplay - responsibility for others and common decency also play an important role in this society with the saying «you always meet twice in life» more likely to become reality in such a small place.

It may be why sport as a hobby is so important here. A great number of outdoor activities revolve around winter sports, but football, mountain-biking and hiking are also hugely popular. In Switzerland, you can enjoy and discover over 1’500 lakes, 700 nature reserves, 330 castles and fortresses, as well as a total of a stunning 65‘000 km of hiking trails, of which over 21‘000 km are alpine trails. The offer is huge, diverse and the great thing is, the beauty is close to each and everyone’s home.

Now, when travel across borders is increasingly difficult, the focus on local natural beauty and inner strength can offer a chance for alignment and relaxation - to feel one’s body, one’s breath, listening to the songs of birds or other creatures, walking through nature alone are a great way of contemplation or meditation – right here at our doorstep.

And there will be a lot to choose from this summer – as wellness hotels, mountain cabins and many other venues will do their best to attract as many local customers as possible. From Zumba to wellness, yoga or acupuncture, to adventure trails, hiking, climbing or gourmet cuisine (all within compliance of Corona Hygiene Rules), a myriad of things will be on offer for families, couples or singles looking for a holiday at home. Potential customers should make use of these special offers, they will help boost an industry, which has suffered greatly in this crisis.

For those who prefer to stay at their own home or are forced to remain indoors - no need to worry. Local businesses keep coming up with new products and innovations to be discovered. New board or online games, teaching courses or cooking classes, re-decorating the balcony or creating a wellness area in your own garden – anything is possible.

Switzerland will undoubtedly master the upcoming economic challenges in the same way it has done in the past – with a mix of cleverness, charm and strategic foresight, coupled with hard work, solidarity, innovation and future investments. Switzerland is and will remain a good place to invest.

We now need to make sure that future investments are supported by a willingness of the economy to provide positive general conditions and for industries to focus on their strengths in order to gain advantages. Promoting and guaranteeing investments is the way forward, so that we remain a country of innovation.

May 12, 2020


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