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How can Office Design influence Corporate Culture?

In view of how much time we tend to spend in our office, it is definitely worth thinking about its design. A working space and they way it is designed and furnished has the capability to impact corporate culture. It has the power to influence thoughts, feelings and creativity and the way we generally work together, even though the starting positions may vary greatly in this respect.

Some companies have long since arrived in their very own corporate culture and their vision of goals to be achieved - with a strong identity - expressed in the permanent home for their employees. Other companies on the other hand, lease short-term premises or meet in co-working spaces. These spaces must be highly flexible and are convertible at the drop of a hat. For example: a workplace is used as a canteen during the day to then host a workshop in the evening. Everything is on trolleys, wheels, nothing is permanently installed or fixed – the type of work might be more project-oriented here and it may often be unclear what tomorrow will bring. You therefore require a type of space, where that flexibility can be lived. Today, an office may have to accommodate a wide variety of working methods. If I have to read or make a phone call in peace, I need a place to do so. And if I wish to have a conversation with a colleague, I don't want it to distract the whole office. A well-designed office provides the right environment for every task and at the same time reflects the culture of that specific company.

A well designed open plan office space is like a landscape: Higher and lower elements, open and hidden features and areas, a combination of materials coupled with a thoroughly planned colour concept.

When an object from Vitra finally arrives in an apartment, an office or a public space, it has already come a long way. Firstly, a designer initiates - in collaboration with Vitra - a seemingly endless and often by no means straightforward development process. Then follows the manufacturing process, which is based on the principle that details are not simply details, but they are in fact the essential ingredient through which the object obtains its quality.

Vitra, is a Swiss family business founded in 1950 by Erika and Willi Fehlbaum, maintaining close and durable relationships with customers, employees and designers to this day. Vitra is renowned for durable products, sustainable growth and the power of excellent design quality. Nora Fehlbaum is the granddaughter of Vitra founder Willi Fehlbaum and has replaced her uncle Rolf as CEO.

Vitra's design history is founded on furniture classics such as the Lounge Chair and the Plastic Chair by Charles and Ray Eames - possibly the most important designers of the 20th century. Equally important are the ongoing collaborations with contemporary designers and architects. The spectrum ranges from Jasper Morrison and Hella Jongerius to Konstantin Grcic. The Vitra "Pacific" chair by British designer duo Barber & Osgerby, for instance, has been installed thousands of times in the "Apple Park" in Cupertino, California.

The story begins in 1953: Willi Fehlbaum, the founder of Vitra, discovers chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames on a trip to the USA and decides to manufacture furniture. A short time after this, the designer and the couple meet in person, resulting in a lasting friendship, which has defined the company ever since. Over the past decades, Vitra has collaborated with some of the world's most prestigious designers and their descendants. Many classics have emerged from these cooperations: Furniture from another era that have lost none of its relevance and vitality and that continue to touch and inspire all of us. As a furniture manufacturer, Vitra maintains a close relationship with their designers - also known as authors - and the result of each collaboration with them is always unique. Together with Vitra, these designers use their time, expertise and craftsmanship and creative energy to develop new products and bring them to the market.

Vitra runs an online shop. However, the products are of the highest quality and textures and materials are very important. That is why Vitra also relies on stationary trade and its own shops worldwide.

September 14, 2020


Letter from the CIO - September 2020

Our Chief Investment Officer gives an overview of market developments and our portfolio activities in the past month.

September 03, 2020


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August 18, 2020


PKZ - The leading fashion house in Switzerland and its CEO

Manuel Beer is the first female Director of PKZ, a family enterprise which has been in business for the past 138 years. The letters PKZ reflect the name of the Company’s founder: Paul Kehl, Zürich.

August 13, 2020

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