Portfolio manager industry: 360° market view

Interview with Marcos Esteve

From a family office to a banking institution, we epitomize a unique blend of familial spirit and a banking license. In this exclusive interview, explore our strategic pillars, with a focus on agile asset and portfolio management. Gain insights into our CEO's perspectives on collaboration opportunities and support for smaller managers. Discover our competitive advantages. Join us as we navigate industry trends with technology and innovation, ensuring our services meet evolving client needs.

Interview Marcos Esteve - December 2023

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic, we recommend referring to the full report available on the PwC website: Swiss portfolio manager industry trends | PwC Switzerland.

diciembre 14, 2023


Asset Management Association - Person of the Month, Jean-Christophe Rochat

Jean-Christophe Rochat, CIO and Head of Asset Management at Banque Heritage, shares his insights in this interview with Asset Management Association:

octubre 10, 2023


Finews interview with Marcos Esteve on Private Banking and Family Business

Read the latest interview by Finews with Marcos Esteve, CEO of Banque Heritage, here:

agosto 21, 2023


Interview with our CEO, Marcos Esteve, in High Class Magazine

The High Class Magazine published their interview with Marcos Esteve titled "From One-Stop-Shop to First Bank to Talk to" in their spring edition.

mayo 24, 2023

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