SatisfactiON - Mikaël Safrana

In this clip, Mikaël Safrana, CWMA, CIIA, speaks about Client SatisfactiON, what it means to Banque Heritage's Asset Management Team and the many aspects playing a role in achieving it.

noviembre 11, 2021


QualificatiON - Anna Damigella (EN)

In our latest clip, Anna Damigella from Human Resources describes how qualification and motivation go together.

enero 13, 2022


DiversificatiON - Onur von Burg (EN)

In our latest clip, Onur von Burg, CIIA, speaks about the importance of diversification in our wealth management process.

enero 06, 2022


TransformatiON - André Thill (EN)

André Thill, Chief Operating Officer of Banque Heritage, talks about the constant transformation we are embracing to best serve our clients in an ever-evolving world of private banking.

diciembre 09, 2021

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