Letter from the CIO - May 2020

Our Chief Investment Officer gives us an overview of market developments and our portfolio activities in the past month.

June 04, 2020


The Future of Agriculture in Switzerland

The Swiss Farmer - a history of perpetual change and the continuous demand for fair prices

July 02, 2020


BKW AG: The Future of the Power Sector - Interview with Dr. S. Thoma

From "Berner Energieversorge" (power supply of the Canton of Berne) to an internationally operating corporation within a mere seven years. Dr. Suzanne Thoma talks about strategic developments, new technologies and the topic of supply dependability.

June 25, 2020


Gamaya - Smart Thinking in Agriculture

Analyzing entire plantations for weed or disease infestation in a short time, with the use of a drone, a hyperspectral camera and a lot of software. Igor Ivanov, co-founder of Gamaya talks to us in an interview about the great potential behind it.

June 18, 2020

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