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Sallfort Venture Capital 2016

The year 2016 has been the most active for the Sallfort Venture Capital Club Deal model since its launch in 2012 with five investments in international growth oriented companies and a partial sale of the investment in Seal Software.

Sallfort Venture Capital 2016 – One Exit and new investments in Los Angeles, London, São Paulo and the Silicon Valley.

The year 2016 has been the most active for the Sallfort Venture Capital Club Deal model since its launch in 2012 with five investments in international growth oriented companies and a partial sale of the investment in Seal Software.

In 2012 Sallfort Privatbank launched its offering of Venture Capital Club Deals in which Sallfort’s shareholders, together with Sallfort’s clients, invest in international growth oriented companies from technology sectors. Since then roughly USD 50 million have been invested in 9 investments and already 4 exits have been achieved. The average rate of return was 300% per investment.

2016 new Club Deals as well as follow up investments in existing engagements were placed : 

March 2016, Lead Investment in Trocafone, São Paulo.
Trocafone is the largest dealer of used smartphones in Latin Amerika. In Brasil and Argentina customers can trade in their used smartphones when buying a new device. Trocafone buys these smartphones from mobile carriers and retailers, after refurbishment the devices are sold with a 90 day warranty over its e-commerce platform. Year to date the company has grown by 300%!

May 2016, investment in Farfetch, London. 
Farfetch is the world’s largest luxury fashion market place with a trade volume of more than USD 500 million in 2015. The company was founded by José Neves in 2008 and, as of today, has attached 400 luxury boutiques to its e-commerce platform on which the current product range of these stores is offered. Farfetch has collected USD 110 million in the most recent round and will extend its engagement in Asia. Furthermore the product range will be expanded by watches and a whitelabel e-commerce platform for fashion labels will be offered. Year to date Farfetch has grown by approx. 75%!

August 2016, Lead Investment in Rocket Lawyer, San Francisco.

Rocket Lawyer is the world‘s largest online legal service with 200 employees in the USA and Europe. The company offers legal services online and is expanding in the USA and after the UK to further European countries. Sallfort led the USD 12 million round. Co-investors are Google Ventures, Industry Ventures, Morgan Stanley and other known venture firms from Silicon Valley. Year to date Rocket Lawyer, excluding Europe, has grown by approx. 20%!

September 2016, Investment in Pluto TV, Los Angeles.
Pluto TV is the fastest growing TV-streaming service in the USA. The company is led by Tom Ryan, formerly EMI Music, and Ken Parks, former COO of Spotify and offers more than 100 TV channels online for free. Sallfort took part in the Pro7/Sat1 led USD 30 million round. Further investors are SKY, Universal Pictures and Scripps Network. Year to date Pluto TV has grown by approx. 640%!

October 2016, lead investment in AMARO, São Paulo.
Amaro is the fastest growing fashion brand in Brasil. The company is one of the first technology based fast fashion companies in the world where from design, through production to distribution through their e-commerce platforms and digital guide shops the newest technology (Big Data, Enterprise ERP Systems and Logistic Intelligence) is used. Through these technologies Amaro is capable of offering 12 collections a year with high fashion appeal and prices lower than those of comparable brands such as Zara and H&M. Delivery time in large cities like São Paulo, from online order to express delivery is 2 hours. Year to date Amaro has grown by approx. 160%!

In January 2016 50% of the stake in Seal Software, San Francisco were already sold. Through this exit the
initial capital investment could be repatriated and the upside remains without risk. Year to date Seal
Software has grown by 100%!

"With 2016’s transactions we are surely one of the most active venture capital firms in Switzerland” says Michael Bornhaeusser, partner and Managing Director at Sallfort, “with our focus on the global hotspots US west coast, UK and now also Latin America we are where the largest increases in value are possible. Through the high number of exits in the past 4 years we and our clients of course are very interested in new investments and 2016 we have had a high quality deal flow. Our model has succeeded and the track record proves our investment strategy to be right. In the future Sallfort Venture Capital Club Deals will be available for institutional partners as well”, Bornhaeusser continues.

The Venture Capital Club Deals

The model of the so called «Club Deals» is new for venture capital investments in Switzerland. After due
diligence the shareholders of Sallfort Privatbank AG decide on the investment and invite their clients to
invest alongside them. The clients decide from case to case whether they want to invest in a particular
company: Then they acquire shares directly from the respective company. Thereby no expensive fund
structure is necessary, the fees are correlatively lower and clients have absolute freedom of choice for
their personal commitment. A management fee as known from venture capital funds will not be charged.

November 03, 2016

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August 17, 2020

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