Taking Tradition into the Future

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We are a family-controlled Swiss private bank with headquarters in Geneva and offices in Basel, Sion and Zurich.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Compensation Committee, Member of the Investment Committee


Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Investment Committee

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Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Executive Committee


Chief Investment Officer, Head of Asset Management, Member of the Executive Committee

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Family Values

Banque Heritage grew out of the trust inherent in strong family relationships. We combine the traditional values of consistent and highly customized service with the widest opportunities for enhancing portfolio performance.


Diversity of Products

We take great care to recognize the distinctive priorities held by each of our clients, and together we build a portfolio that reflects their specific requirements, always avoiding the application of generic solutions.


Open Architecture

The size of our structure naturally led us to develop a fully independent open architecture platform and offering since the firm’s inception over thirty years ago. It is solely focused on the selection of high-performance products in order to construct our clients’ portfolios. At the same time, some targeted expertise have been developed internally and are also offered to our clients.


Market Information

We develop our own macro-economic and currency allocation models. By deriving our market and economic source data from firms that have no brokerage models of their own, we avoid any conflict of interests.


Human Resources

In selecting individuals to work at Banque Heritage we demand not only deep competence in a particular field of expertise but also a general intellectual and cultural fit with the way we operate.


Intimacy and Scale

We relish the challenges of success – retaining the integrity of our philosophy and capturing the benefits of scale without compromising the intimacy of our relationships.


Absolute Return

We have been able to cross-fertilize the measurement criteria of alternative investments into our understanding of the performance of traditional equity and fixed-income investments. This enables us to allocate assets on behalf of our clients free from the constraints of any asset class. We enjoy a sustained advantage to deliver consistent positive returns.


Shared Interest

We invest our own money alongside that of our clients. The only way to demonstrate the confidence we have in our methods is to put our own money into the same assets we recommend to everyone that entrusts us with the management of their wealth.


Asset Allocation

The ethos of a private bank overlaps with our reading of modern portfolio theory where steady performance and low volatility best serve both markets and investors alike.


“We offer a harmonized range of banking activities to a new generation of clients for whom we aim to combine the wisdom of experience with the highest order of day-to-day financial intelligence.” Marcos Esteve, CEO Banque Heritage

Taking tradition to the future

Taking tradition to the future

Traditional Swiss private banking excellence and family values remain a strong part of any banking relationship. We provide our clients with tailor-made investment management services. Our clients highly value our approach which is based on trust, transparency and open communication. We combine the traditional values of consistent and highly customized services with the widest spectrum of opportunities for enhancing portfolio performance whilst applying a stringent risk management discipline. For us, capital preservation is at least as important as capital enhancement.

A clear framework

A clear framework

Our skilled investment managers, with extensive domestic and international financial market experience, are there to help you realize your personal investment objectives. In the process, they follow a clear and established framework, take full advantage of modern technology and always make sure you are thoroughly up-to-date.

A full range of services

A full range of services

Banque Heritage offers Private Banking and Family Office Services, Wealth Planning, Asset Management / Discretionary Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, M&A and Strategic Advisory, Pension Planning, Structured Products, Venture Capital Club Deals as well as Paying Agent Services. External Asset Managers also benefit from the services offered by Banque Heritage.

Banque Heritage focuses on Private Banking, Asset Management and External Asset Managers activities (UHNWI, Families, and Institutions), and its strategy is based on acquiring new clients in Switzerland and across growth / emerging markets.

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