Observation Deck Q2 2022

Read the newest edition of our Observation Deck here:

KEYSTONES: The end of financial repression?

EQUITIES: Through the fire

COMMODITIES: Most people don't live on love and fresh air

Find the digital version here:

Observation Deck Q2 2022 EN

A German and French version are available on the respective language versions of the website; you can toggle the language at the top right corner (desktop version) or in the menu (mobile version).

mayo 02, 2022


Letter from the CIO: "2024's Journey Begins" - February 2024

Read our latest Letter from the CIO publication titled "2024's Journey Begins: January Review" here:

febrero 09, 2024


CIO Video - January Outlook for 2024

Watch our Jean-Christophe Rochat's January Outlook for 2024 in our latest CIO video:

enero 30, 2024


CIO Outlook H1 2024

Read our latest Asset Management Research publication with an outlook for the first half of 2024 here:

enero 10, 2024

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